Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kristen Stewart; how to piss on graves and call it art.

As a personal rule, I try and avoid political diatribe as much as I do puddles of unidentified (or any, really) fluids in public rest rooms.  Its not that im not politically inclined, I am, but its usually because its like arguing feelings over a quarterbacks performance weighed against someone elses feelings on the same subject.  I can bring all the facts I want to the table and the opposing view isnt going to listen because go Bears or some such nonsense.  It has been shown that even when exposed to facts, people holding an opposing political opinion are highly unlikely to change their view point because...you guessed it go Bears.  We believe what we want to believe and the facts be damned.  Now, im sure the Bears are a good team; I honestly dont know because I dont follow football but I do know this; Kristen Stewart is a world class Pinocchio caricature with the political sense of a bi-polar coma patient.  Seriously, if politics was a mountain, she would be the Donner party.

Recently, Mrs. Stewart took a break from acting to speak in the real world and I have to say, if you were going to say it was impossible to be an hours worth of stupid in 15 minutes, I would send you this article along with the Twilight Saga wrapped in a wet news paper taken from her political advisers cardboard box behind Bloomingdale's.  Ive seen stupid in my life, I see it on a daily basis, but she seems to be a dangerous sort of stupid because there's at least 5 or 10 people watching her movies on purpose and maybe hundreds who do so on accident and some of them might believe her nonsense.

See, Mrs. Stewart is making a movie about Gitmo called Camp X-Ray and by making a movie about Gitmo, she has become empowered with a fierce opinion of Gitmo, the Army and the terrorists kept there.  This, of course is nothing new, its common for an actor to adapt the political views of the character they are portraying, or feel that making a movie about a subject makes them more knowledgeable about it because they have, you know, lived it.  Now Mrs. Stewart is doing just that, with her 24 years of hardline socioeconomic and political science experience.  When asked about viewing the detainees as people in an interview with The Daily Beast, Stewart has this to say;

That is essentially so fucking evil, it’s crazy. It’s a ridiculous idea for you to think that you know anything for sure in life—other than to take care of your fellow people. Where the fuck do you get off thinking otherwise? These two people couldn’t be from more different worlds and perspectives, and probably disagree fundamentally on most things, but there’s a through-line for all of us—and that’s what people forget, and that’s what makes people capable of doing terrible things to each other. What makes you different from any other person that walks the earth?

I guess she doesnt realize that there are hundreds of thousands of veterans who have fought these now-detainees and "know for sure in life" that they are, in fact, not the friendly and misunderstood person her Gitmo detainee buddy is in her upcoming film.  I think she also fails to realize that for those people in the real camp X-Ray (not the movie set she came from) disagree fundamentally means jihad and the chances of leaving a political debate with a Jihadi with your head still attached to your body is entirely dependent on if you shot him in the face or not.  She must also have a greater appreciation for the situation than the families of 9/11, London Bombing, Madrid bombing or many other terrorist attack victims because she...pretends...to...be...people?  Wait, that actually doesnt make any sense at all.

I don't personally know a single Camp X-Ray detainee, and guess what, neither does she.  But I remember 9/11, I remember the wars that came after it and I remember a few funerals.  I also know that those being held in Gitmo are in fact people as she describes them; they do have hopes and dreams, only those hopes and dreams include subjugating or killing people just like Stewart.  but since Stewart is playing a soldier, a guard at Camp X-Ray and

She really gets swept up in all the post 9/11 patriotism and signs up for Gitmo duty, only to find that it isn’t what she thought at all.  She’s simple, not very smart, and really socially inadequate—but a good person. So, if you can sign up, put a uniform on, and erase yourself, you don’t have to consider yourself anymore. You can take the individual out of it and say, “Well, this dignifies me. I’m good because of this.” And when that doesn’t end up being true, you actually have to contend with who you are. All she wants is to think, “They did 9/11, they’re bad, fuck that, I’m going to do my job and I’m going to do it well.” But then she gets down there and just can’t accept it; she can’t conform to that.
I suppose the deeper issue here is that Mrs. Stewart seems to think that we are all on equal footing and therefore all deserve the same chance.  This is a wonderfully Utopian and socialist view of the world but it isnt actually true.  This is participation trophy mentality.  Some people are actually better than others, perhaps not as a whole but in areas of their life they outperform others or dont, you know, behead people for having a different feeling about something.  I would venture to say that someone who doesnt target innocent people for mass murder is actually better than someone who does, thats sort of how the social contract scale works.  Stewart's world view seems to be shaped, or guided by the fact that she pretends to be other people for money and in this case she is pretending to be an Army solider who befriends a Gitmo detainee who shows her the error of her ways.  Could this happen?  Sure.  It does, in a script. Real-life isnt that simple and you dont get into Gitmo for doing good things.

no meme here, just showing what Stewart seems to have missed recently

Gitmo detainees are human beings, ill agree with her on that; I don't agree with the dehumanization of them like we have done (and has been done throughout history) with the Japanese in WWII or the Germans every time we fought them.  I think everyone needs to see just what kind of humans Jihadis are; which is to say, fundamentalists that would probably rape and behead Stewart on film if given the chance.  There is great danger in forgiving someone who has no intention of forgiving you and Hollywood is very quick to forget that this war isnt one of socioeconomic differences, its a war against idealism and religious fanaticism where out enemy has divine permission to lie, cheat and murder until all infidels are dead or converted.

In a weird sort of way it must be nice to tear an entire situation down and rebuild it into a simple script where there is a clear protagonist and an antagonist, a set run time and a conclusion that is certain.  Well, we dont really have that; what we have is a reality where Kristen Stewart is willfully stupid about the caliber of people being held at Gitmo and what fuckery they got involved in to be detained there.  She also seems to be purposefully obtuse about jihadis in general and her "research" into the subject matter of the movie revolved around the controversial detainment facility instead of, oh, I don't know, what caused such a detainment facility to exist in the first place.  If a doctor did the same thing he would only examine patients after they had died and question what right we had to not respect the disease that killed them.

 In keeping with a Greek Tragedy level of stupidity, im sure we can expect her to make a few more films like this, and if not her than someone else in Hollywood will because who needs actual reality when you can script it?  Maybe we can see her take on the role of one of Osamas wives who gallantly stands up for the hardline beliefs of her dear husband by showing us how a double tap of 5.56 represents American Imperialism and her CNS failure is the heroic resistance?  I dont know, we may have to tweak that one a bit to really show the humanity of the Jihadi.


  1. Just……I am a vet…Kristen Stewart….you acting sucks! I couldn't even go to the "jack shack" in Afghanistan and think of you cause I'd go soft. You need a real Soldier's, Sailor's, Marine's or Airman's boot to be shoved down your throat and then kicked upside the head……F*&K YOU AND YOUR SPARKLY ASS PIRATE FRIENDS!

  2. I believe you are both right, in a sense. Things of this nature are extremely complicated Its an issue with many factors and fractals. It seems over the years it has just escalated more and more. I wonder what could bring peace. Or if that is even a possibility. As for the movie, I think Kristen is hot but her acting is terrible. Did you see Adventureland? You probably couldnt sit through the whole thing.